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We can always count on God knowing where we're at and what we need... even in our darkest hour. Follow Tony Castenelli as he meets a man who changes his life, and a woman who changes his heart. The Shepherd.. order it today. 


Christianity has somewhat become complicated. Intellectual discussion has replaced the sincerity and, in that moment, the personal and intimate relationship and friendship that is possible through Jesus Christ… somehow gets lost and we trudge along wondering if we should count on luck pulling us through or trusting God to lead us into a life of abundance and purpose. Walk daily through the pages where Tom takes us through the realities of life while simplifying the message of hope and forgiveness we can find in our Heavenly Father.

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I have been blessed to be able to take my talents, written and business and construct in a very competitive industry a television network called JUL-TV. A network that takes three important elements, “Family Friendly”, “God-Driven” & “Conservative” and build those three components into entertaining, inspiring and provocative

programming for the millions who have felt neglected by the other networks… all the while enjoying my role as a ghost writer for those with fascinating stories, one of which has been shared on the Discovery ID Channel and I have had the blessing of writing books for myself as you will see on this site.




Tom Julian simply through the need that television, which for so many years and decades was entertaining, inspiring and educational was simply losing what is and has always been the pure fiber of America... The family and for many it was tearing apart those families and found itself with a power to dissuade people from the values that made America strong and united.


So, The JUL-TV Television Network was born. Family Friendly Television.


We strategize, create and plan in accordance to your vision so that those you wish to connect with can look into the specific “windows that share your story” and discover… you.

Our goal is not to sell you a product or idea… our passion is to partner with you to promote your business and ideas.


  • Educated at Eastern Washington University- Pre-Law/Economics 1983

  • Awarded Internship from Eastern Washington University under Ken Eikenberry, Washington State Attorney General, 1981

  • Brought Better Homes & Gardens into the Daytime Programming Business starting with the 7 Station Network. Created Cross Promotional Advertising with magazine and with cable television.

  • Partnered with Better Homes & Gardens Magazine  to develop “The Home Show” and developed taking their articles into home video which would eventually become the concept for HGTV

  • Partnered with Michael King of King World and pitched “The Home Show” to ABC as a package with the show King World was distributing called “Oprah”

  • Cross Promotional Clients for Better Homes and Garden and the Home Show included, but were not limited to: Clorox, Sears, Hershey’s, Armstrong Floors, General Mills, Kodak. 

  • Executive Produced a Nationally Syndicated Special hosted by Mary Hart and starring George Burns.

  • Newspaper, Television and Periodicals that have covered my work: People Magazine, USA Today, Entertainment Tonight

  • Public Relation Firms that I have worked with: Rogers and Cowan, Lee Solters. 

  • Spent over 15 years working with corporations such as Apple, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, VeriFone, Callaway Golf, Johnson and Johnson and many more creating “retail ready” packaging for the product lines. Combined business…over $29,000,000.

  • Nominated, “Entrepreneur of the Year” 1996, by Orange County Business Journal



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